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General Dentistry in Toronto

At Uptowne Dental Centre, we offer a variety of general dental services in Toronto to ensure that we are providing you with the necessary oral health services that you deserve.

General Dentistry | Uptowne Dental Centre

Bridges & Crowns in Toronto

Uptowne Dental Centre creates both bridges and crowns to ensure the health and protection of your teeth.   
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Dentures in Toronto

Do you require custom-fitted dentures? Uptowne Dental Centre custom-makes dentures to replace your missing teeth.
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Extractions in Toronto

Do you require the removal of one or more of your teeth? Uptowne Dental Centre offers extractions and is focused on making your experience as comfortable and as painless as possible.
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Fillings in Toronto

Fillings are used to restore a tooth affected by decay that has caused a cavity.
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Fluoride Treatment in Toronto

At Uptowne Dental Centre, our main priority is keeping your smile healthy and happy. We offer fluoride treatment to boost the health of your mouth.
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General Dentistry | Uptowne Dental Centre
  • Bridges & Crowns in Mount Pleasant & Eglinton Toronto

    Do you think you might require a bridge or crown to optimize the strength and health of your tooth or teeth? Our dentists at Uptowne Dental Centre in Toronto can help. What are Dental Bridges? A dental bridge is utilized to close or ‘bridge’ the gap that is caused by missing teeth. A bridge is permanently cemented to the natural teeth or implants on the sides of the missing tooth or t...
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  • Dentures in Mount Pleasant & Eglinton Toronto

    Do you require dentures to replace your missing teeth? Our dentists at Toronto's Uptowne Dental Centre custom fits dentures to replace your teeth and to make it easier for you to speak and eat. What are Dentures? Dentures are prosthetic teeth and gums that are moulded to custom fit the shape of your mouth in order to replace the missing teeth of one or both jaws. Dentures can either be fu...
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  • Flouride Treatment in Mount Pleasant & Eglinton Toronto

    Our Toronto dentists believe that prevention is key. That is why the dental professionals at Uptowne Dental Centre want to help you stop decay in its tracks with fluoride treatment. Contact us today to make your consultation appointment. Benefits of Fluoride Treatment Fluoride works to prevent the onset of erosion and to restore minerals to areas of the tooth where bacteria may have cause...
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  • Tooth Extractions in Mount Pleasant & Eglinton Toronto

    At Uptowne Dental Centre at Mt. Pleasant and Eglinton in Toronto, our dentists provide tooth extractions to remove damaged and unhealthy teeth and to ensure that the overall health of your mouth and smile is maintained. We can help if you require a tooth extraction. What is a Tooth Extraction? An adult tooth extraction involves the removal of a permanent tooth from its socket in the b...
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  • Tooth Fillings in Mount Pleasant & Eglinton Toronto

    Our dentists at Uptowne Dental Centre in Toronto offer decay removal and restoration to help fix and prevent cavities. If you require a filling, contact Uptowne Dental Centre today to make your appointment. What are Fillings? Fillings are one of the most common procedures performed by dentists. They are performed to help restore a tooth affected by decay, resulting in a carious lesion, al...
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