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Tooth Extractions in Mount Pleasant & Eglinton Toronto

At Uptowne Dental Centre at Mt. Pleasant and Eglinton in Toronto, our dentists provide tooth extractions to remove damaged and unhealthy teeth and to ensure that the overall health of your mouth and smile is maintained. We can help if you require a tooth extraction.

What is a Tooth Extraction?

An adult tooth extraction involves the removal of a permanent tooth from its socket in the bone. If a permanent tooth has been damaged beyond repair, it may need to be completely removed, or extracted.

Reasons for Tooth Extractions:
  • To make room in a crowded mouth
  • Infected tooth or teeth
  • Risk of infection in the tooth or teeth
Tooth Extractions | Uptowne Dental Centre

The Extraction Procedure in Toronto

If your dentist has determined that a tooth requires extraction, the procedure will either be simple or surgical. For a simple extraction, you will receive a local anesthetic to numb a tooth that can be seen in the mouth. The dentist will then loosen and remove the tooth.

With a surgical extraction, you will likely receive both local anesthesia and intravenous anesthesia to keep you calm and pain-free. Your dentist or oral surgeon will then cut into your gum to extract the tooth.

If you experience any discomfort following your extraction procedure, contact us and we will be pleased to provide assistance.

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Following Your Extraction Procedure

Following the extraction of your tooth or teeth, your mouth and gums will likely remain numb for a while due to the anesthetic.

Once you are sent home by your dentist for recovery, you might experience some discomfort.

The following are some tips to help ensure your recovery and to keep you as comfortable as possible:
  • Take over the counter painkillers as prescribed
  • Apply a cold compress to prevent swelling
  • Rinse your mouth with warm saline water
  • Do not drink from a straw for 24 hours
  • Do not smoke
  • Eat soft, easy to chew foods
  • Avoid the extraction site when brushing

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