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Prevention & Hygiene

Prevention is key to optimal oral health. Our dentists at Uptowne Dental Centre in Toronto work hard to prevent serious oral problems and to maintain the health and hygiene of your mouth. Regular checkups with our dental professionals not only ensure the cleanliness of your teeth but can help with the early detection of oral problems such as oral cancer, tooth decay and jaw diseases.

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What is Prevention Dentistry?

Over time, and if left untreated, dental problems become increasingly serious, painful and expensive.

Preventative dentistry involves regular checkups that consist of relatively simple and non-invasive treatments that help ensure the consistent overall health of your teeth and mouth.

Preventative dentistry is not only the responsibility of your dentist but is also your responsibility at home.

It's vital to ensure you brush regularly and floss your teeth to maintain your overall oral health. 

Prevention & Hygiene | Uptowne Dental Centre

Routine Exams & Complete Oral Exams

Routine Exams

Routine exams are performed every 3 - 9 months to assess your oral health and identify any developing dental problems.

Complete Oral Exams

A complete oral exam, on the other hand, is typically conducted at your first appointment, and then every 3-5 years afterwards to obtain and update baseline information about your oral health. It includes:

  • An update to your existing medical history
  • Charting missing, chipped, broken or decayed teeth
  • Charting existing restorations, like fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, and more
  • Assessing the condition of previous dental restorations
  • Checking the mouth, lymph nodes and neck for early signs of oral cancer and other abnormalities
  • Assessing the position and occlusion of the teeth
  • Assessing the jaw joint
  • Checking for signs of teeth grinding or clenching
  • Checking for gum disease
  • Photos or Digital Scan of your teeth as a reference point to check for changes to dental work overtime
  • Recommendations for an oral self-care regimen at home and a treatment plan if any dental work is required/recommended
  • Referrals to specialists if needed

Tips for Dental Hygiene at Home

Our dentists recommend practicing good oral hygiene at home in between visits to your dentist. 

  • Brush at least twice per day
  • Floss every day
  • Stay away from sugary food and drinks
  • Eat a diverse and healthy diet
  • Visit your dentist every 6 months (or more if recommended by your dentist)

Cavity Prevention

Most of the time, cavities are due to a diet that is high in sugary foods and a lack of brushing and flossing.

Limiting sugar intake and brushing regularly is important for both you and your children to prevent cavities.

The following are some other tips for cavity prevention:

  • Limit frequency of meals and snacks
  • Brush, floss and rinse
  • Watch what you drink and what your children drink
  • Avoid sticky foods
  • Choose nutritious snacks

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